A group of committed
entrepreneurs & dedicated
Lombok citizens.
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The Shelter Project team is a collective of passionate and proactive entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference on this planet.



Project Manager: Madison Setiawan
Architect / Designer:
Jasmine Mariani
Lombok Contractor:
Agus Susanto
General Affairs:
Adam McCasey
Medical Liaison:
Jennifer Mary Williams
NGO Affiliate: MUM (Manusia untuk Masyarakat)


The Co-Founders of The Shelter Project are Jasmine (architect) and Madison (project manager).

Jasmine is an architect that specialises in low-waste, sustainable construction. She often works with recycled materials and focuses on using locally available resources in her designs. Jasmine’s university thesis revolved around disaster relief architecture and temporary housing for refugees - one of the main reasons for the Project’s collaboration.

Madison is co-founder of Peloton Supershop, a successful plant-based restaurant located in Canggu. With a background in events and photographic production, Madison’s true passion lies in humanitarian and environmental efforts, ranging from the Plastic-Free initiatives to collaborations in community based movements.

Agus Susanto originates from Lombok & plays an influential role within the village of Kopang. With experience in project management and son of a well respected Lombok builder, Agus represents his people and has proven to be an outstanding coordinator. It is an honour to have him on board.

Adam McCasey, founder of well recognised “8 Degrees” (Sisterfields / Boss Man) hospitality group, is a key member helping to activate operational challenges. Jennifer Williams a registered nurse and medical consultant is running our sister project “The Medical Care Bus”, designed to travel throughout Lombok to assist remote villages that do not have access to medical facilities. More info on this project to follow.

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