The Shelter Project

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”
- Margaret Mead 







Our shelters are simple to build and provide a basic human need to displaced or low-income individuals. They act as a stepping stone towards rebuilding his or her future.



Local communities we work with will learn to build, maintain and personalise these shelters. They will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to later teach others.



The Shelter Project would not be able to function without the involvement, knowledge and overall collaboration with local residents. With insight into their needs, daily routines, and connection to the natural land, we are able to provide a shelter that respects social, environmental and economic limitations.



Each house costs 700 USD to build (including labour and admin) and can be completed in only a few days. Necessary plans will be made available online to ensure global access to our shelters. Each house is built using available natural materials and can be adapted based on physical location and needs. No heavy machinery or advanced workmanship skills are required - finished houses include electrical fittings for 4 light fixtures, 2 sockets, a rainwater catchment system, a large water tank and a water filter.


People helping People.
Collaboration and Cooperation.


The Breakdown

Global Accessibility.

This initiative was created so as to allow anyone access to these temporary structures. A shelter is a basic human need and the flexibility behind the techniques required to build these specific houses facilitates its adaptability to different regions of the world. Click the link below to see a breakdown of costs and our instruction manual.