Our Vision

100 HOMES.


GOAL.01: 100 HOMES
Location : Dusun Kopang, Desa Medana, Kecamatan Tanjung, Kabupaten Lombok Utara

USD $ 700 per home
(This price includes all administration and construction fees)


The Shelter Project is a positive solution to the refugee crisis of those displaced after the July, 2018 Lombok Earthquake disaster. We expect our structures to continue to evolve & improve whilst maintaining the same ethos and budget. Our project plan, design and material selection is based on several key factors listed to the right & aims to last a minimum of 2 years. Each house will be fitted with electrical wiring, a rainwater collection system, a water tank to collect water, a water filter, and an easy-to-clean floor lining.

Should this first phase of The Shelter Project in Lombok achieve success, the team hopes to continue to build countless more houses for those in need on a much more global scale.

  • Working with local leaders & builders within their own villages

  • Application of local resources & knowledge

  • Adaptable plans that can be personalised based on availability of local material

  • Mostly natural materials & reusable synthetic products

  • A design that is able to withstand movement in the event of another Earthquake

  • Raised floorboards to prepare for floods & avoid rodents

  • Emergency lighting & simple efficient electrical fittings

  • Ventilation & mosquito protection

  • Privacy & adequate room

  • UV resistant, simple to install roofing

  • Water catchment (via roof) & manual filtration system

  • Cost & time efficient

  • Culturally respectful and acceptable

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