Build a House


Our shelters are made using natural materials and little to no machinery. We purchase all required building elements through local suppliers, ensuring that the nearby villages are aware of and involved in the entire building process. Our on-site team then coordinates the delivery of the materials (already pre-calculated depending on the shelter type required) and carry out necessary quality controls.

The ‘BuildAHouse’ campaign covers the cost of the entire shelter from start to finish. All materials and tools are included in the price of 700USD. Each house is fitted with electrical wiring so that the new residents have light and access to power sockets. A complete roof gutter system is also accounted for within the price - our rainwater catchment system is a great solution for the locals to learn about collecting, filtering and accessing clean water.

Aside from providing a physical shelter, BuildAHouse gives displaced individuals the platform to restart and rebuild their lives, one step at a time.

For 700USD, the .01BuildingAHouse campaign provides a safe space for displaced individuals to begin rebuilding their lives.